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My girlfriend and I found ourselves renting from Rental Company One when we ran out of time looking for a place in 2012.Please heed my advice and DO NOT rent from them if there are any other options.

Their office is an old rundown retail center and their character is no less sketchy. They began showing the place for new tenants as early as October even with a lease until May. They wouldn’t tell us when they planned on showing it until I asked them to and then they would give us a ridiculously wide time frame for showings. On several occasions they actually would be unlocking the door and coming in as I was getting up to answer it and talking to them through the door!

Their apartments are absurdly priced for what you get ($750 for a one bedroom dump with no utilities) and they will charge you extra ($15 /day) for staying beyond the lease even if it is mid-month and you still paid the same monthly bill. They also worked into the lease a $15 /month maintenance fee which is automatically deducted from your security deposit. This is actually illegal as your security deposit is supposed to go in ESCROW and only to be used for “excessive damage or filth” not maintenance.

We only got back $380 of our original $750 deposit and I'm confident that we left the apartment in better condition than when we moved in.They are greedy heartless people who probably see renting to students as easy money and could care less about exploiting you.

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Oneonta, New York, United States #707193

As a employee of Rental Company One, inc, I can say this review is nothing but false information. Your absurdity even extends to our “old rundown retail center” which is actually not a retail center but a modern UHS Hospital clinic.

We start showing apartments in October, just like all other student rental companies. Some people prefer to be called first, which is why you have the option of putting your name on a call list. If you were unhappy with the showing of your apartment and you had called we would have modified it to something more agreeable to you.

Nothing at all was deducted from your deposit that was not spelled out in the lease, which clearly states $15 per person additional rent will be charged for snow removal and other services. Since you had 2 people living in the apartment that is $30 per month, or $360 deducted from your deposit. We also deducted money from your deposit because we had to take extra time to steam clean all the carpets in your apartment. Since you broke the lease by having a cat, we had remove the allergens from the carpets as future tenants may have cat allergies.

to RCO Guy Oneonta, New York, United States #1240372

Actually, everything is true even to this day. This company is a piece of *** & I plan on telling everyone :)

Oneonta NY student Rental company one

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Rental company one of Oneonta ny 13820 has by far the worst customer service.Whenever you have an issue in your apartment, they never do anything to resolve the issue but do give you an attitude.

When you call in, the staff are not helpful and have strong attitudes. Their apartments and houses are over charged. They may look nice in pictures but inside they are terrible looking.If you ever rent from them just be prepared for a tenant's nightmare.

I'm just Trying to save you while you can still change your mind!Worst customer service ever!

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New Berlin, New York, United States #712749

Really really hate them

Johnson City, New York, United States #663797

I meant to press useful not ***.I strongly agree.

They are the worst rental company ever. They don't care about their tenants.

They just want their money and p.s they deff.over charge!

Johnson City, New York, United States #629472

They did fix my broken pipe at 2am.


I absolutely hate them!

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